Meet the Staff

Colin Penney

Executive Director

Colin has worked with more than 30 affiliates around the world and has been with our affiliate since 2017. Colin is a coffee aficionado and would do very well on Jeopardy.

Alicia Johnson

Director of Housing & Partnerships

Alicia is in a new role directing our homeownership programs and working with community partners & supporters. Alicia has been known to stop meetings to pet dogs, and is Beyonce's #1 fan.

Courtney Gray

Associate Executive Director

Courtney has been with our affiliate since 2010. She works on marketing, financials & administration. Courtney is a cat person and an avid collector of office plants.

Jay Shartenberg

Director of Operations

Since 2009 Jay has overseen all construction projects for the affiliate. Jay loves dogs, sports and Fritos.

Caroline Crane

Volunteer Coordinator

Caroline started with our affiliate in early 2021 as the Volunteer Coordinator. She is an avid player of board games.

Bob Myers


Bob recently retired and found himself volunteering at Habitat. Bob now handles our books, but can still be found swinging a hammer on site or volunteering with a local food pantry.

Bryce Silander

ReStore Associate

Bryce spends most of his Habitat days driving the ReStore donation truck around the state picking up donations (a free service we offer!). When Bryce isn't at Habitat he can probably be found jamming with one of his bands.

Ethan Klensch

ReStore Manager

Ethan began in 2013 as the ReStore driver and is now managing the store. Ethan has an affinity for mohawks and the Steelers.

Jason Brown

ReStore Assistant Manager

Joining us in 2016, Jason is now the Assistant ReStore Manager. Jason is a wealth of knowledge on furniture, bicycles and cats.