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Employment with South County Habitat

Available Opportunities 

Position Title:  Associate and Driver

Department:    ReStore

Reports To:      ReStore Manager

Designation:    Full time, Non-exempt, Hourly

Hours:              30 - 40 hours per week, on a flexible schedule as directed by Restore Manager, Saturdays and some holidays are a                                          must.


Position Overview:

The Restore Associate and Driver’s primary focus is on the acquisition of donations from businesses and individuals. They are responsible for driving the ReStore truck to locations throughout Rhode Island and picking up donations. They will also assist in the scheduling of donation pickups and customer support in the ReStore.


Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Respond to and evaluate donor requests in a timely and professional manner

  • Schedule donation pickups ensuring efficiency and excellent customer service

  • Perform as a driver for ReStore, executing pick-ups of furniture and appliances

  • Ensure the Restore vehicles are operated in a professional and safe manner at all times

  • Load and unload the truck daily

  • Clean the truck, check fluid levels and perform routine daily maintenance

  • Pack and secure items for safe transport

  • Move merchandise within the Restore and to customer vehicles

  • Assist customers as needed & receive donations in-store as directed.

  • Provide direction and guidance to volunteers keeping them on-task and engaged

  • Finishes all primary assignments in a time efficient manner, before moving on to secondary duties.

  • Completes all other duties and projects as directed by ReStore Management





  • Present a positive and neat image to donors, customers and volunteers.  

  • Maintain driver’s licenses and certifications required to perform job (CDL Not required)

  • Ability to work independently in a time efficient and motivated manner, ability to lead small groups.



  • Treat all co-workers, donors and customers with politeness and respect. 


Be sufficiently fit to qualify for job requirements: 

  • Ability to dead lift 100lbs, on a repetitive basis.    

  • Ability to lift 50lbs overhead, on a repetitive basis.
    The ability to carry other items of greater weight with a second person, in an ergonomic fashion.


What makes a great candidate: 

  • Positive attitude

  • Outgoing personality

  • Experience Driving a large vehicle (box truck)

  • Knowledge of furniture and furniture / appliance repair

For questions or to apply please email

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